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“I am not telling women what they want, I am listening and giving them what they are asking for”

Meet Pilar

LA born Pilar DeMann is no stranger to the Hollywood life.  Her roles in the biz have included makeup artist, producer and Manager.  Leaving her roots, Pilar moved East with her family.  While her husband Sebastian is pursuing his art career, Pilar rekindled an old flame, makeup.  Unlike most with her experience, this makeup maven is shunning the celebrity circuit and sharing her expertise with the rest, real world women of all ages.

Deemed as the Eyebrow Queen of Litchfield County, Pilar knows that if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame.  It was this notion that led Pilar to conceive a simple routine anchored in brows done right, for her clients.  Coined as BLLaC, an easy to remember acronym so women know to focus on their Brows, Lashes, Lips and Cheeks.    Whether she is teaching a client how to apply makeup, glamming them up for a party or a walk down the aisle, Pilar always starts with these key features, which has become a simple routine that takes less than five minutes.

Once that is done she works with her clients to add as needed, while emphasizing that no matter what, you should always do your Brows, Lashes, Lips and Cheeks.  What comes as a surprise to most is how focusing on these few facial features makes the face come to life.  For many, that’s all the makeup they need applied.

Taking this routine to the next level, Pilar is set to launch a new makeup line, Pilar BLLaC which is anchored in the core products she believes that every women should have in their makeup bag.  These products do not target a specific generation and work on a broad range of skintones.

Although insistent when it come to your brows, lashes, lips and cheeks, this artist isn’t your boss when it comes to beauty.  She says, “I am not telling women what they want, I am listening and giving them what they are asking for” when asked about her role as a makeup creator.

DeMann is a nurturer of beauty.  Her technique is anchored in bringing out the best of what you’re born with using minimal effort or makeup.  With this in mind, Pilar is launching with a core nine must-have products that will quickly and simply accentuate your natural features.

Pilar wants to grow the line slowly. You’ll often hear her say “makeup needs to be simple” and “less is more”.   She doesn’t want to be another gimmick in the makeup bag nor is she aiming to conceal, cover or hide.  Her line will grow with products that keep the face as clean as possible with easy to use products that will highlight natural beauty.

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The little black dress of makeup because you can’t go wrong with BLLaC.

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