Eyebrow Services

Brows should not be painted on, a makeup trend of an era that is not for today’s modern woman – groom them, fill them, tint them – just don’t paint them.

Eyebrow Shaping

$30 (tweezers only)

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Brow shaping is a technique I have honed over the last 20 years. I don’t just focus on a brow shape, I look at the brow with your entire face in mind. I consider what the natural brow is like, observe what currently exists, then weigh the possibilities to determine what will look best. I then proceed to remove the hair with precision to get the right shape for your face and also leave you with the fullest brow possible. For many people, a brow shaping session can give a lifted, more youthful look and for everyone, a well maintained brow is simply best. I use tweezers to be meticulous and on occasion I will wax if required.

Eyebrow Tinting


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Brow Tint adds color to the hair and underlying skin giving the appearance of a more complete and fuller brow. If you have brows that lack color, patchy or thinning, tint can help dramatically. I use a high quality European product which meets more rigorous safety standards making it EU certified. People with highly sensitive or reactive skin will need to have a patch test done to ensure there is no risk to the skin.


$600 (this covers the initial visit and one follow up visit 6 weeks later)

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Micorblading is a semi-permanent tint. It is like a tattoo in that it is the deposit of pigment into the skin, however it is not as deep therefore it is not permanent. My process is done by hand for precision. I use my brow shaping approach which is to consider the possibilities with you whole face in mind. After 30 minutes of applying topical anesthetic, I measure the brow area and draw with a special pencil the new brow. Once approved, I begin the procedure which takes approximately 2 hours. You must heal after the procedure for 6 weeks before coming back for the second required visit. This visit is needed to perfect the procedure. This second visit will take an hour will also require a healing process. For best results you must continue to do touch ups to avoid doing the procedure all over again. Touch ups take 30 minutes and can be done up to 9 months after your second visit to avoid a complete redo.

I am licensed in the State of Connecticut for micorblade and take regular advanced courses to maintain my certifications. You must be 18 or older and in good health for this procedure. If you are currently pregnant or nursing, I cannot treat your skin. A consultation prior to your first appointment is mandatory. Results cannot be guaranteed due to the uncontrollable nature of the type of skin, lifestyle and products all have on the result.

Please click HERE for more details on the procedure, aftercare and pre-procedure requirements.

Microblade Refresh or Extra Visits

extra visit $175 before 3 months
annual refresh $250

24 hour Cancellation Policy
*Off site makeup services available please inquire.

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